It all started back in January 2015, with our first two shower foams: Tasty Donut and Creamy Mandarin. Since then, bilou’s range has grown to include silky soft cream foams (foam body lotions), perfumed body sprays, moisturizing hand foams, and colourful bath salts.

Our sweeties are the first skincare products in Germany to make their way directly onto retail shelves with only social media, specifically Bibi’s channels, to promote them. bilou’s Instagram page, mybilou, is one of Germany’s most popular Instagram page!

The whole bilou team is super happy and proud, and we are looking forward to even more thrilling bilou adventures.

Our Story

The bilou fans are simply the best! We are consistently thrilled by your creativity and your bilou ideas, which you regularly share on Instagram. Keep on posting!

We love details so much

Our mission is to surprise you on a regular basis. Therefore, we are constantly creating new scents, creative designs, as well as unique products for you. Be excited about what’s to come!